The Pastors

Rev. Valerie Peterson is a pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, who has served with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong since 1984, working with the Filipino Fellowship since 1990.  She and her husband John, who is also a pastor in the ELCHK, have two teenagers, and live in Shatin.

  Tel: 2691-1519


Rev. Håkan Granberg is a pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland serving with the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission and the ELCHK for many years.  He is on the faculty at Lutheran Theological Seminary in Shatin, where his wife Judy serves in the library. They have one adult son and two teenagers, who are still living with them in Tai Po, where Rev. Granberg also assists with a Chinese congregation.

  Tel: 6477-2471


Rev. Chow Wing-Fai is the senior pastor of Mong Yan Church, and will serve as the supervising pastor of this new ministry being sponsored by Mong Yan Church.

  Office: 2778-0736


Our Vision

We seek to gather people who are seeking for a church home…. Or seeking to know God.…

Particularly from Hong Kong’s international community: expatriates who live and work in Hong Kong, returning local Chinese, who have become accustomed to Western church life, international students, couples of cross-cultural marriages seeking a common ground for spiritual life, international guests and tourists…. Anybody is WELCOME!! 

To worship together, using the Lutheran liturgical tradition with flexibility and freedom, in a blend of traditional and contemporary music….

To grow together in understanding and maturity in faith and life, nurturing one another with teaching and fellowship….

To serve each other in bearing one another’s burdens, and to serve the community as God leads us and makes us aware of needs….

To witness together to the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to proclaim the Word of God in our community and in the whole world….


The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong is a body of more than 12,000 members in more than 50 congregations throughout Hong Kong. It was born out of Lutheran missionary work in China, and the movement of Chinese Christians and missionaries to Hong Kong around 1948. Work was done among Hong Kong’s refugee population, and the ELCHK was established in 1954, thus making 2004 its 50th anniversary year. The ELCHK operates three secondary schools, ten primary schools, and several kindergartens.  They also have 27 social service units with 350 social workers operating in Hong Kong.

Mong Yan Church

Mong  Yan Lutheran Church is one of several congregations begun by the Norwegian Missionary Society (NMS), which have now become congregations of the ELCHK.  We are grateful for the support given by Mong Yan Church for the establishment of this new ministry, and for the welcome and cooperation of Mong Yan Church, NMS, and the NMS Kindergarten in sharing the facility that houses them.

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